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GetGenius: The New AI-Driven Tool for Social Media Marketing

AI technology is still one of the biggest topics talked about amongst consumers and entrepreneurs. From what has been proven so far, these generated tools can develop written work with a few specified keywords and organize bots to handle customer service tasks.

Now, AI is beginning to make advancements in social media marketing platforms. This new innovative tool strives to become a cost-efficient solution for content creators and small businesses with no time or experience to promote their brands and products.

Today’s article discusses what GetGenius is, the latest developments in their AI technology, and if the product is suitable for the average consumer.

What is GetGenius?

GetGenius is a new start-up company based in Washington, D.C. and currently launching its latest automation tool that promises to improve marketing efforts. President and Founder Thomas Limberger aims to transform the entire digital marketing platform by aiding businesses with the process of content creation.

Focused on the amount of time and money that goes into digital marketing, GetGenius is taking an ambitious step to reduce costs by 80%, triple productivity levels, and offer business owners ample time for core responsibilities and duties.

What Services Does GetGenius Offer?

GetGenius has been developing its AI tool to tackle some of the common time-consuming issues digital marketers face. Gaining an organic following or managing posts on multiple platforms can become easy feats by using the power of AI automation.

Here are some services GetGenius plans through the use of their AI system.

Content Generator

Developing organic content can be stressful when you need ideas approved through human oversight or must filter through costly subscriptions for assorted marketing tools. GetGenius guarantees to cut the marketing budget by half with their central AI platform.

The company introduces an easy-to-use dashboard that organizes the necessary tools for users to begin their content creation process. Using their distributed artificial neural intelligence, or DANI, creators and marketers are given access to real-time data and information to generate texts and blog posts. The technology is also capable of generating graphic designs that correlate with your specified content and preferences. Giving the AI system more data customizes your business and projects with a personalized touch for better-produced content.

Video Creation

Online videos, shorts, and reels are some of the most digested forms of media across all social platforms. A single project can demand a considerable sum of money based on the production value, cost of editing, and other props and effects to emphasize the appealing factor. GetGenius offers an automated video creation tool that helps creators build a digital story within minutes. Customizable features include essential editing tools, giving options that make it easy to share across multiple platforms, and a personal schedule to time and organize posts. This AI system reduces the time-consuming process with a few clicks and supplies enough of a digital experience to capture large viewership numbers.

Analytic Dashboard

GetGenius understands the importance of analytical data and how it plays into the potential growth of a brand or creator, which is why they grant users an online dashboard that tracks the statistical results of generated projects. Users with multiple social platforms can collect their data in one central location which makes it easy for them to study and formulate a strategy based on the provided statistics. The accumulation of real-time results grants creators a few areas for improvement and a better idea for scheduling and publication. Social media management is no longer complicated as the data-driven system notices the latest trends and reports to help with marketing decisions. Learning the patterns and traits from your postings builds your confidence as a digital marketer and leaves no room for guesswork.

How Does GetGenius Work?

With the help of DANI and the unlimited supply of tools and resources, GetGenius keeps social media marketing simple and accessible to the public.

In just 3 simple steps, small businesses can save time and effort with personalized marketing campaigns guaranteed to boost their online presence.

Choose Customizable Options

GetGenius’ AI-generated tool works off the files you upload into the system. Images and other digital items become the foundation of your desired projects and create several templates to choose from.

Input Specific Information

The more details provided to the AI, the more exact the content will be. Specifying keywords, prompts, and desired headlines can generate fully fleshed-out articles and speed up the creation process.

Let DANI Handle the Rest

The capabilities and functions that DANI supplies equate to an entire social media team. Putting your marketing strategy through an automated approach ensures that your management over social media platforms promotes consistent quality and promising growth with target audiences and ROI.


GetGenius is currently in its final stages of development with 500 users testing the product through a closed pilot mode. This innovative AI system plans to become available in May 2023 with a waitlist on the company’s website

The capabilities of AI technology continue to rise, and only time can tell how much of our traditional strategies and processes can be simplified through automation.



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