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In-House Vs. BPO Operations: Which is Right for Your Business?

In today’s world, there is never a moment’s rest for small-time companies and entrepreneurs. As every business focuses on developing core strategies to support a competitive edge, Low-priority business tasks are often neglected and left to pile up.

If your company has reached this point, the solution usually depends on two options: hiring an in-house team member or outsourcing work to a BPO provider. There are different points and advantages to weigh in when deciding, and the stance varies by personal experience and results.

This article will further dissect the difference between these two operations to help you decide which one is right for your business.

In-House Sourcing

In-house sourcing is a business practice where projects and tasks are handled within the same company assigning the work. A company can complete goals by relying on internal resources, such as employees and equipment.

What are the Advantages of In-House Sourcing?

For some businesses, in-house sourcing is the safer option with minimal risks. Here are a couple of positive factors to consider when deciding on performing duties within the company.

Direct Control

One of the main benefits of in-house sourcing is the direct control companies have over their tasks. Outsourcing tasks takes away that authoritative power, but with the in-house method, project leaders and supervisors can watch the process from start to finish.

If there are any immediate changes or developments for the project, the company will be quick to make those adjustments as opposed to delaying contacting a BPO provider.


In-house sourcing has a stronger level of communication that helps in multiple ways. For instance, collaborators and team members within the company can schedule frequent meetings and quickly exchange opinions and feedback.

Any new team member added to the project can be brought up to speed through supportive co-workers and internal resources. There is no guarantee of clear communication when outsourcing because the location and methods between the client and BPO provider can vary.


Companies with a lot of sensitive information would be more inclined to keep all tasks and projects in-house. Outsourcing requires a level of trust, and confiding in the wrong BPO partner can increase the risk of data leaking and unwanted exposure.

What are the Disadvantages of In-House Sourcing?

The business practice of keeping everything internal is a comforting thought for companies who do not want to deal with the heightened chances that come with finding a BPO provider. However, in-house sourcing also has its share of downsides.

Expensive Costs

Most start-up companies are surprised at the fact that in-house sourcing is expensive to support. Depending on the size of the team and needed resources, the company might need to increase pay for retainment or buy specialized equipment.

Working towards the budget is not efficient for an in-house model and can go beyond normal expenses without financial regulation.

Staffing Issues. In-house sourcing relies on a limited team to carry out tasks, and when issues arise, there are fewer alternative backup solutions to compensate. If a worker is fired or quits, that can result in delays in the progress of projects.

Without a proper strategy to work around these issues, companies will be forced to spend their time fixing the problems and creating a counterproductive situation.

Business Process Outsourcing

Business process outsourcing involves third-party providers helping companies complete tasks and projects with outside resources. Small and mid-sized businesses with no time and a few staff members often gravitate towards this model.

What are the Advantages of BPO Operations?

BPO providers have a clear understanding of complied workloads many companies experience through their business ventures. These services are not only convenient but also carry other beneficial factors to taking part clients.


Outsourcing tasks is cheaper than an in-house approach because the staff, equipment, and added resources are supplied elsewhere. BPO providers offer cost-effective solutions through these service plans based on the client’s personalized preferences.

BPO companies also supply a variety of specialized services throughout the world, so companies never run out of potential outsourcing options near or far from their location.

Improved Efficiency

BPO companies have many team members who have undergone specialized training for customer and administrative services. Working under a uniform set of rules and guidelines keeps BPO employees organized and productive.

Unlike in-house sourcing, outsourcing minimizes the risk of staff delays and employee burnout.

What are the Disadvantages of BPO Operations?

Outsourcing can boost productivity and provide companies with an alternative budget option, but the price of handing tasks to a third party comes with its risks.

Location. In some cases, companies would need to rely on offshore outsourcing outside of their location, and the problems vary based on distance and communication. Clients who engage with international BPO providers will have to adjust to time zones, language barriers, and cultural differences.

Long distance also implies a lack of control over projects and makes it harder to watch and supervise task progress.

Low Credibility

The BPO industry is an expansive market with pop-up companies that can appear dishonest and offer low-quality services. Companies that do not perform proper research expose themselves to results with low expectations.

Be wary of BPO providers who do not follow the specified guidelines of the client and deliver inferior service.


In-house sourcing and outsourcing are both workable options dependent on the company and its situation. The in-house model ensures tighter control, and communication, and keeps sensitive data secure while outsourcing is cost-effective and can promise quality service by a professional team and resources.

Knowing these differences and what each choice offers can help you further make the right choice for your business.



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