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Should You Use BPO for Social Media Platforms?

The traditional route of business process outsourcing has always centered around the corporate benefit of maximizing productivity and efficiency around the workplace. Clients find these services critical to their financial growth due to the strenuous tasks and duties passed down to trained professionals.

However, in today’s market, companies are becoming intrigued by the booming rise of social media. Alongside consumers, businesses are taking a lesson on the latest trends and posts that capture the interests and preferences of a particular audience.

Suddenly, BPO providers are asking themselves: Is there a market for social media services? Can viral videos, memes, and a personalized voice and authority be fabricated into a lesson plan for workers?

This article will dive into the current stance on this discussion and deliver an answer to whether the BPO industry should invest more resources into social media management.

The Demand for Social Media Engagement

The number of social media users accumulates to about 4.6 billion worldwide. About 79% of the U.S. population owns a social media account and spends several hours on their devices and browsing through several social media channels.

With so much time spent on these sites, statistics support the evidence that people prefer their customer care through social media platforms because the websites are familiar and have different methods of communication and reach. The traditional means of telephone and email will not connect with this current age of consumers, so companies began searching for different strategies.

The surge in social media management and customer care work defines the new relationship between business and consumer. There is now a direct line of connection for customers to deliver constructive feedback, and the companies receive ongoing suggestions to meet demands and expectations.

We are moving into a world that considers social media management as a reliable form of customer service. BPO providers scout workers who are incredibly flexible to manage multiple channels to communicate with consumers in a fast-paced environment and present a sense of relatability.

The Three Requirements for Social Media Management

Managing a social media account means an investment in keeping the audience engaged in return for profits and a steady follower count. Most underestimate the difficulty in keeping an online presence and practicing patience to grow a loyal fanbase.

However, three qualities are frequent in social media management. If you can follow these requirements, you are guaranteed to keep your target audience close and promote financial growth.

Good Listening Skills

Consumers will not follow or look twice as a company that does not engage or offer an opinion. A social media manager should remain relevant in current events and understand the language of discourse.

The act of communication gives customers a present ear to express their concerns, feedback, and general thoughts to feel heard and appreciated. This special bond builds upon a social media presence that stays active throughout the day or week.

Employees that exercise strong listening skills have inside knowledge of knowing customer preferences and reviews on select products and services. They can make continuous improvements to themselves based on the immediate information and feedback received.

Direct Engagement

As important as listening skills are, a social media manager should not be afraid of customer interactions. Quick response times are critical to keeping follower engagement and setting up a connection with the audience.

Not only can direct engagement mean immediate responding but matching followers in terms of online culture and relatability. In the online world, everyone stays updated on the latest viral videos, tweets, and responses, and joining the cause with a strong response or opinion helps for exposure and brand awareness.

Social media management hires typically involve younger candidates who grasp the online culture and can seamlessly navigate the online space without issues. Replying to comments and finding creative tie-ins between the company and online trends are desirable qualities for any manager.

Translating Customer Analytics

Harboring a friendly and approachable atmosphere is essential for social media management, but the ideal employee should also have the technical knowledge and competence to use and transform analytical data.

Along with audience engagement, social media managers supervise the analytical tools and software to perfect audience growth and retention. The digital feedback from clicks, shares, and the number of visits should give the manager enough information to develop strategies that maximize those figures and improve the company’s social standing.

The Perks of Outsourcing Social Media Services

If you are a BPO provider looking to extend their services to social media platforms and management, you do not have to look far for clientele. Modern days are becoming more difficult for companies to exist without some online presence.

Whether advertising the latest service or keeping the chatrooms open for universal support and questions, a social media platform is the most effective way to prove trust. A personalized customer experience that closes the gap between the business and people guarantees a larger fan base and growing income.

BPO companies do not have to spend so much on training as most online users have a grasp on social skills and online presentations. Scouting the ideal employees is no challenging task, leaving only the recruiter to teach the corporate policies and online courtesy.


The limiting ways of call centers and email subscriptions are slowly dying in favor of social media platforms. Online users gravitate towards profile icons and influencers who display themselves with authenticity and friendliness.

Corporations no longer must be seen as groups or associations distancing themselves from the general consumer. The presence of a well-established brand company can find camaraderie among its fanbase and focus on engagement efforts to generate more awareness.

If you have the means and budget, you are considering finding a BPO provider to discuss success in social media management services. Contact Instlytics for more information about the BPO services we offer at, today!



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