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Which Countries are the Best Outsourcing Partners?

The business process outsourcing industry keeps its competitive edge through its adaptability to technological advancements and global changes. The transition into remote workers and the emergence of AI tools have pushed BPO providers to be more flexible and open-minded in their business models.

One of the few BPO factors that never seem to change is the search for cost reductions. Such incredible offers exist in different countries that can deliver top-quality service with small labor and travel costs.

This article will guide some of the best outsourcing options internationally. Several countries excel in different services, so your choice of a BPO provider can depend on region and location.


As a country that ranks second for the highest population in the world, India leads the BPO industry through numbers and skills. Most people would imagine several call center companies, but Indian workers are also skilled in software development.

The country is well-known for its low average salary and cost of living, offering many cost-saving opportunities for scouting companies. Since the country’s education system emphasizes the growing importance of science and technology, it becomes a better investment than searching for a local BPO provider that charges five times the reduced amount for similar services.

The Philippines

The Philippines might not have large population numbers over India, but it compensates for its small territorial size with affordable prices, work availability, and a historical advantage.

Due to 40 years under US colonial rule, the Philippines have a high English fluency and ranks as the third-largest country that speaks English. Communication is valuable within this region and makes working with foreign companies an easy partnership.

The tax laws in the Philippines are favorable to businesses worldwide because the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) allows tax exemptions to specific sectors, the BPO service industry included.

Harsh environmental conditions make it difficult for the Philippines to conduct business trades at specific seasonal periods, but the benefits outdo the risks of partnering with this locale.


If you are interested in outsourced IT services, the country of Poland currently dominates the market. Approximately 700 business services related to IT outsourcing populate the country’s regions with promising results.

Polish software engineers are highly engaged with rising technologies and skilled with mainstream programming languages, making them the third most skilled programmers in the world. On top of these services, BPO Polish providers also have specialized talent in cost-effective finance and accounting.

In compliance with the standard European Union regulations, Poland takes its data security seriously and ensures clients that their projects stay protected against online threats. Global IT corporations see the EU as a promising investment for top-notch security over customer data, software development projects, and other sensitive documents and company secrets.

United States

The US extends its BPO services across different fields, but human resources and compliance operations are the main specialties. Across the regions, there is more emphasis on business management and the strategies to stabilize a company.

Most US companies handle the success of the BPO industry due to their diverse choice of services that add convenient placing as a necessary benefit. Compared to third world continues, the US has advanced resources and a significant talent pool that gives clients more variety.

Communication is still an essential asset since English is a universal language understood by many businesses. Working with a US business process outsourcing provider does not leave room for mistranslations, opposing time zones, and consistent service and quality.


Sitting alongside the border of North America, Mexico is one of the best destinations for nearshore outsourcing. It shares a similar time zone to the US, and its geographical position heavily reduces transportation fees for trading purposes.

For years, the country has been an outstanding source for marketing and customer service, but to keep the competitive edge, Mexicans have been prioritizing their skillsets towards programming and cloud computing services.

With a fast-growing interest in IT infrastructure and fluency in two languages, Mexico is looking to become a promising choice for outsourcing services in the coming years.


Argentina is another Latin American country that delivers quality outsourcing services in customer service and software development. It is often regarded for its pristine education system that breeds the next generation of tech talent.

This country leads the IT industry in Latin America through its major tech companies like Globant and Mercado Libre. Their list of BPO workers is extremely professional, fluent in the English language, and can execute excellent service in mobile development, cloud engineering, and other tech-related fields.


Lastly, Malaysia has developed as a strong candidate for outsourcing alongside China and the Philippines. While it struggles with competitive human capital, this country is making strides by appeasing services in the digital and e-commerce industry.

What makes Malaysia stand out from its competitors is the establishment of the Digital Free Trade Zone. This platform capitalizes on the country’s internet ecosystem to attract both domestic and international businesses, which eventually positioned it as a top outsourcing location for trade and investment.

Malaysian BPO services infuse AI technology into their business practices, along with their traditional performance for telecommunications, customer service, and content development.


Outside of the US, there are thriving countries that are becoming developed through the BPO industry and have gained a respectable reputation in shorter labor costs and operation scaling.

As the world continues to grow, the ranking will fluctuate based on resources and business performance. There is more dependency on tech-based services, and as more countries begin to shift jobs around this revolutionary change, everyone stays universally connected and supplies new strategies to strengthen the outsourcing industry.



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